Tilly Bell

Given too much freedom can stunt growth, the mind goes into overdrive with a lot of stimulation. Abundant with many creative expectations, condensing them is the issue.
My work explores figments of my creative progression through a multitude of mediums;
the body of my work, the character my pieces provoke and the individual identity each item carries.
From young I have thrived most when pushing boundaries, channelling that energy of disobey toward fighting the norm of artistic styles. I often apply excessive amounts of paint to then later scrape away. I allow my pieces time to mature as well as myself, only to come back and paint over them sometimes. Realising the importance of stopping for awhile so to notice elements I may not have viewed in the begging. Revisiting with a different mindset all together gives a different energy when adding more to an individual piece. By doing this my works are personified, they have emotions. My emotions, which are later casted out onto the eyes of the beholder with the hope of making them feel a similarly. Using allot of organic materials in my work grounds me, adding textures moves the work out of the canvas reaching for the subject.
Understanding personal limitations of the need to succeed, to assessing the vitality of trusting the process.
My art is never planned, each piece is different. I simply have a feeling while my hands dance around like puppets to a canvas.
The longer you take in my art, the more you notice.
I paint to express feeling.
To embrace…to haunt.