Amber Dearden 

 A Journey on Foot  

For my photography project I have done a typology, the reason why I have done this is because I believe it represents my theme. It shows history and life, representing where we come from, what we do and even sentimental value. It shows are journey thorough life even if its an only short part of life. So when it came to choosing the shoes I didn’t care if they had mud on or if they were tattered or hardly used I wanted to shoes all parts of life when doing this I wanted to keep my photography as real as possible, I try to capture the moment so that I’m able to look back in time and look at my pictures and remember what happened that day. 

The Abstraction of a Ballerina  

For my fine art piece, I have created a large impasto painting of a par of ballerina shoes, the reason I have done this is because I wanted to demonstrate the beauty of ballerinas however by doing it in impasto which gives it more of an abstract and distorted image it also shows the darker and distorted side of being a ballerina. Fine art is where I express my creative side and not get judged by it.