Jade Patchett

Water colour has been used to enhance visual connection by giving it a traditional and historic feel, this is used to show where the character of the goblin lives allowing you to feel more engaged to the overall project. Using paper as a construction material enables the simplicity to show through as a children’s perspective in an adult’s eye enabling a sense of mystery and imagination for everyone.

I’ve has a passion for special effects since I was younger therefore, I wanted to bring out my younger self to build the imagination to allow you to see and feel the way I do towards the subject. The theme Body, Identity and Character lead me towards goblins as I wanted a realistic and detailed final design. Having the theme being character driven allowed a more descriptive and engaging approach through it being a story, allowing you as the viewer to feel more connected to the project as a whole. 

I’ve chosen to use these materials to convey my ideas as it explores and brings out my younger self and helps others find their connection towards the work. I have done this by using the mediums that allow a more messy and playful type of effect which enables this to be accessed and understood by people of all ages, with it being a project which is visual and also story based.