Alesha Hill

 My project is heavily influenced by the work in the films: The BFG and The 7th voyage of Sinbad. The giants from the BFG inspired me to create my cyclops to be as menacing and as scary as the giants are in the film, and the cyclops from The 7th voyage of Sinbad inspired me to create a similar facial structure on my cyclops. My target audience is anyone who has an interest in monsters and Greek mythology. My project is interesting for the adult audience and also gives something educational and fun for children audience. My project is educational as it includes historical context such as the interesting fact that cyclops were great blacksmiths and forged weapons for the Greek gods, this is illustrated into my comic which is placed behind my cyclops sculpture. The process I executed to achieve a finished project was plan, execute and detail this process helped me to stay on track with the project. I wanted every detail to be correct which gave me the motivation to experiment with different types of body parts by using different shapes and colors.