Scarlett Rushton

In my lockdown project I have used different mediums to develop my skills and techniques such as filming, editing, sculpting, drawing and painting. I’ve used materials such as my phone to film and clay to sculpt and to develop my creature. I have presented this in non-narrative video forms on a padlet presentation. My work follows my personal journey during lockdown, including the methods I have used to climatise to unusual circumstances.

As an artist, I aim is to create work that is simultaneously unique, realistic and creative, whilst supporting this with facts and anatomical features to make it structurally accurate. From watching films, being fascinated with the behind the scenes aspects and admiring the makeup and creation effects, from a young age, my passion has always e been special effects make-up. I’ve been influenced and inspired by many SFX artists such as Greg Nicotero, who is head Special Effects Make-up Artist on The Walking Dead.

SFX and Media allow me to convey my conceptual ideas into a physical process, so I can input my creative ideas into something real. I have shown this through drawing, then sculpting my drawings, then filming, editing and merging everything into a finalised form. I have also made my own armature to support my creature creation, using materials I could find at home such as wire, cardboard and tape. My overall aim was to demonstrate both mediums together. I find that my choices and techniques coincide with my original ideas by trying to find creativity in a situation with limited resources.