Mario Costa 


MUALA GLAVI is the name of my project, it means ‘Women Beauty’ in a dialect spoken on the Island where I was born.  At the heart of this project I explored the cultural background of my African heritage. The creative aim of my work was to represent the beauty of the African woman, and to portray her expressions and feelings.  I have chosen this project because I believe today’s society underrates the African Beauty.    

I have always loved drawing; as an artist it is fundamental for me to be able to express myself through my drawings and to experience my sense of introspection during the process.  My work is inspired by capturing expressions, textures, colors and feelings.  Ultimately the intention of my work is to encapsulate the narrative of a moment.  It is a passion passed on by my father, who has eventually influenced me as an artist, and whose work has influenced me to create mine.      

To accomplish my objectives, I used digital and analogue methods, such as painting and collage. My digital work was created using digital drawing software and then printed onto canvas. The analogue work was created on a canvas using acrylic paint.  The multimedia piece was firstly created using digital drawing software, printed on canvas and then finished with painting.  The most meaningful outcomes were the ability to capture a narrative through my work, adhering to my project plan and being happy with the final outcome.  I was surprised by how the mix between digital and analogue worked together so well.