Matthew Dolan 


  Life In Bolton  

My project is based on the theme ‘Body, Identity and Character’, where I’ve focused on the buildings around Bolton since I’ve moved here from Ireland. Since moving I’ve been fascinated by the architecture of the buildings around Bolton because they are fairly  different from back home. Throughout my project, I have explored and tried to capture the identity and character of Bolton to show within my work to let the audience see what Bolton looks like from my view. I’ve created two detailed paintings, one with inks and the other with oil paints. Alongside them I have also created a series of repetitional illustrations which show more of the older buildings.

When creating these pieces I looked at many artists for research and inspiration which lead me wanting to making them as realistic as possible. Inspiring this collection of work is Jacques Louis David and Theodore Gericault since I’ve always found their work unbelievable to look at which pushed me to create the best I could.  When painting the buildings, one was made with only black and white ink with fine paintbrushes on a newspaper collage background stained with coffee and ink. For the other I used oil paints with fine brushes on a canvas coated in rabbit skin glue for the best outcome because I work better with them oils  than acrylic. Then for the illustrations I used a range of fineliner drawings pens from 0.1 – 0.8 which worked really well for the finer details. My intentions for this project was to look at Bolton in every aspect of the theme and create a collection that the audience can look at and see the beauty in the buildings around Bolton however I feel it also has a mediaeval feeling coming from it but feel like it works too.