Elisha Sellers


Decay is a series of photographs taken in and around the Bolton area which investigates the beauty of the abandoned. Inspired by Holly Martle and Aaron Siskind, my photographs aim to demonstrate how degeneration and neglected items can become an object of attraction by concentrating on the small details. All the images created have been edited in Photoshop to enhance and create definition through texture and colour. The aim of my project is to highlight how society has stopped taking care of our habitat, which in turn leads to further dilapidation and depression.  

The vintage bags and purses are inspired by memories of my grandma sewing, and vintage fabric designs, dating from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.  Designing Women – Post-war Textile designs, FT museum and the Festival of Britain in 1951 have been my main source of inspiration, and designers Jaqueline Groag, Marian Mahler and Lucienne Day have influenced the prints I have sourced. 

These vintage designs showcase bold abstract to floral chintz designs, using an eclectic colour palette. I have produced a range of products, purses, fans and bags using original vintage fabrics, processes have included pattern cutting, machine and hand sewing and embroidery.  

Influences from the trend ‘Print & Pattern A/W 22/23 WGSN Supercharged Simplicity celebrates surface decorations that create mood-enhancing interiors, ranging from vibrant florals and kidult patterns to new twists on old classics.  Craft is reinvented as a form of arts and well-being through the current pandemic. 

Throughout this project I took a detailed look at the abandoned and I hope to provoke the viewer into seeing both beauty and disappointment in the harsh realities of societal changes.