Chloe Backhouse

I have always been fascinated by Harry Potter and, in response to the theme of body, identity and character, I wanted to focus on the fictional character of the goblin using my specialist subjects of SFX and Textiles.  My work comprises a sculptured goblin made of clay and a textured suit that the viewer might imagine the character would wear. 

I was inspired by prosthetic make-up artist Sarita Alison who worked on the Goblin scenes of Harry Potter (2001-2010) She uses silicone prosthetics to age characters and create realistic effects of aging.  Influenced by her attention to detail I added skin textures to define the features of the goblin more accurately.  I also researched fashion designers Gucci and Vogue, taking inspiration from their collections in which natural recurring leaf patterns occur to produce the final design for the suit. 

I used soft sculpting clay and a range of sculpting tools to form the goblin and the support.  I enjoyed creating this project because I love the Harry Potter stories.  My overall view was more positive than negative, I really liked the overall shape of the goblin and the design of the leaves on the suit. 


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