Jordan Glover


 My personal motivation for this project is self-identity and my Dungeons and Dragon’s character ‘Othorion’. My main inspiration for my cosplay is both my D&D character, and myself. The piece has a lot of significance and connections to me, my life, and my identity. 

For this piece, I used a mixture of both digital and textile aspects. I used the textile workshop to develop and create the piece and used both digital illustrations and visual media to develop the drafts and ideas for both the cape and the crest. I also used development of colours and shapes for the crest which can be found in my sketchbook, and that development helped me refine the crest to be fully how I pictured it.  

In creating my piece, I used several techniques to fully capture my concept and create the cloak. These techniques included sewing and measuring of various textured fabrics, creating inverted box seems and heat pressing them, and digital media design to create the crest which was later digitally embroidered into a patch and heat pressed onto the back of the cloak. I also used a few minor skills such as measuring and fitting. 

In the outcome, I am pleased with how the overall cloak came out, and it came out as I intended for the full piece. If I were to change anything, I would likely add further detailing on the crest and possibly more decal parts on the cape overall. The outcome is how I pictured it, but due to the timeframe I couldn’t fully give it the details I’d initially wanted to. 

The audience I have aimed my piece at is those of the LGBTQ+ community, and those apart of the TTRPG (Table-Top Role Play Game) community, as well as the cosplay community.