Daniel Lawrence

The title of my project is “The Day in a Life” the title implies what I do in my life daily.  Exploring the ideas of photographers such as Gregory Crewdson I have decided to do this with my project. 

What I have done with my project is I took a variety of photographs in my home as I documented my everyday routines and family interactions in the home over the course of 24 hours.  The work is a series of photographs and drawings.  The basic idea of this project is to look at my home, daily life and family life with culture. 

Throughout this project I have been working with a DSLR camera which was supplied by the university to help produce this project.  If my work had a personality, it would be recognized as Calm. 

The outcome I want is for people to relate my project to some of my inspirations such as Stephen J Morgan and I am interested with Richrd Billingham art style also.  I’m exploring my theme from my project to some of Stephen J Morgans pictures but of course in my own way. 

I have chosen to draw instead of painting simply because I’m quite better at drawing than painting and I feel like it’s more effective and sincere.  My choices of tools are somewhat the same as the inspiration for this project which I was going for. 

Looking at my inspiration’s which is what my project is driving by photos gave me good ideas which is why I implemented them into my own.  A crucial technique and process was to take multiple shots of one thing because when I pick them out one of them will surely be perfect. 

I very much enjoy taking photographs and drawing and my project is a prime example.