Aaron Beatty

‘Content Consumption’ is a collection of print collages that exposes how mass media can influence different people’s lives. In addition is the newspaper style leaflet that contains articles on their usage of such media. As a combination of print and newspaper, I have applied specialist skills in Graphic Design and Photography to respond to the theme of Body, Identity and Character.  

My main influence is digital artist Vanessa Rivera who used unique editing techniques and image manipulation to put her children believably into fantasy settings. Focusing on the theme of character, I believe that character is made up of the environment people grow up in and the information they consume which is why I focused on mass media consumption. I also took influence from Marcin Owczarek and the way he uses a contrast between manmade and natural within his collages. 

I use a darker hue in my pieces to keep focus on my subject despite the unrealistic happenings around them, as they are the influenced of the piece. I have printed these on matte Phototex to bring out the smaller details that would be lost on a glossy paper. Considering I have had my personality changed by the media I interact with, the topic calls for more investigation.  Primary and contextual research into digital and traditional forms of media and their modes of consumption, inform and underpin the final work and invite further exploration through the development of my creative practice. 

I invite the viewer to think about their use of media, what they consume and how; its ability to influence our social and visual culture and their personal experience and enjoyment of it in their day-to-day life.