Declan Harbron

My idea for this project was to document the world from the outside whilst in lock down, I wanted to create a collection of photos that had no signs of life in them and to make them feel as empty as possible, to do this I used my daily walks to find area that would usually be very populated and capture these places as empty as I could. One person who inspired this project was Troy Paiva, his photography is also themed around abandoned areas and involves man made objects, I wanted to capture the eerie effect that this creates in my photos.

Throughout this project I wanted to create a series of posters that were very bold and eye catching as I wanted them to convey safety messages during the pandemic. I wanted them to have simple two-word messages on each with a digitally illustrated centre piece that relates to the text, this will aid the observer and demonstrate a further understanding of the message being communicated. My main inspiration was objects I had around my home.