Daisy Kenworthy   


My concept is to create an armature of a dark yoda as well to create a painting but in my final piece I changed it into a digital painting because I didn’t like my outcome of my original painting and found to have more control on my digital painting I also liked the final outcome of my digital painting. The most important thing to me as a artist is to express my creativity through my skills of special effects makeup. My work is a sculpture of dark yoda as in a demon version of a grogu. Also I will be painting what would be the creatures home land. 

The title of work is called ‘Evil Grogu’, I’ve been creating a sculpture of a demon cross grogu, as-well as a painting that is a background of where I imagine my creature is from. My armature has fierce eyebrows – very sharp, as well as small squinting, round eyes. Also as high cheekbones, big tall sharp ears and sharp pointy teeth. My painting is a drawing from what I picture my creature would be from.im using dark tones in the painting as it’s a painting of a swamp with a massive skeleton and trees also swamp water and weeds. 

The techniques I used sculpt clay and sculpting tools and paint, also for the painting I used acrylic paint. I documented my work in my sketchbook showing my progress of my projects, as well taking photos at different stages of my project of my armature and my painting. For my specialist subject I chose illustration and animation, so for my project I have painted where my creature would be living. I have printed the digital drawing on A2 white paper . I will be displaying my work by putting my painting behind my armature so it looks like the creature is actually there and will help the audience imagine more easily my creature actually living in the painting.