Zoe Mawbey

For my SFX project I have created a reptilian alien sculpture. I am interested in sculpture and I wanted to experiment with a new medium. I also have an interest in sci-fi and I wanted to combine this with sculpture to create a 3d character. The creation of the alien was based on modern Sci-fi media such as Dr Who and Star Trek. My work is a collection of experiments that all came together to create my final piece.  

I sculpted with a polymer-based clay, which needs to be baked in the oven to harden, when not baked it stays soft and useable. I used a variety of tools to sculpt the clay into my character. At times my character looked a little human, so I modified the look to make the face look more reptilian, this included editing the nose to look more like a snout and changing the shape of the ears to a triangular shape.  

For my illustration project I have created a book which demonstrates differing methods of drawing using a wide variety of ideas and methods. I find drawing relaxing and it allows me to escape into my own world. My project shows the rapid and ever-changing indecisiveness of ideas, the book represents my own mind and indecision as an artist. The concept I have created illustrates my own personal identity of uncertainness. I find it difficult to stick to one given thing at a time and this project has allowed me to experiment with different materials such as paints, pencils and fine liners, even combining all three different medias in one image. I have been inspired by Walt Disney and the characters of Tim Burton, and how they simplify their creations to make them look more surreal. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my work just as much as I have enjoyed creating it.