Joe Steele

I have made a series of ‘myself’ in the style of cartoons and comics based on isolation and loneliness. After discovering reportage drawings, this led to comics, and further experimentation during isolation. While isolating I thought to myself that this is not a new chapter to me it’s a new beginning, as I found a recent interest in what I want to progress onto in university and in the future. My materials were limited and I worked in digital computer packages, as well as hand rendering.

Comics are a fine medium for telling stories such as my daily activities. Animation differs from comics as it’s a still image. My themes are loneliness and isolation, and the comics allow me to create space and distance between my real self and my cartoon self. I first experimented with photography comics but it didn’t have the same emotion weight for me as drawing does. The progress started from photos comics developing them into drawings, then still life in my daily activities then developing in digitally. My research led me to Marzena Sowa artwork a great start for the series and Ivan Brunetti artworks. For my two final self-portraits, the artist I was inspired by were Julian Opie and Gabriel Alcala. Gabriel Alcala is very similar to Julian Opie as there both use bock colours, the only difference between them is; Gabriel Alcala has a colour theme. They both use block colours, with her lines there are very basic crisp fine lines and Julian Opie’s are thick lines.