Ashleigh White

Change is always happening around us. Relationships are also growing and changing constantly without us knowing. While in isolation I have seen my personal relationships grow and change and this is something that I have never focused on before. But I don’t believe I am the only one to have looked past the change so easily. The main focus is on 2 relationships that have changed, mine and my boyfriend’s son, and mine with myself. Not all the change that I have experienced in isolation have been for the better. My pencil drawings were done with the focus of expressing the change in my relationships, it’s a personal view as other will just see portraits or drawings of people. The simplicity of the drawing makes it more personal to me as it shows that I didn’t plan, I just had to draw the emotion, that there was no preconception, I just had to express what was in my head and heart. And so the project was born, the project I call adjustment period.