Gerda Abramoviene

Fallen from the Sky 

My work has developed because of a tendency to compare people according to their zodiac sign. By using visual language of colours, shapes, type and icons, I explored and interpreted the connections of uniqueness, originality and differences between people.   

I have been inspired by starry night walks and the work of Seiko Tachibana, in particular her piece connection-milkyway o-2 (2016), which captivates by the concept of the unifying principle that underpins her work. 

By approaching the work with an open mind and a willingness to take risks, I was able to experiment and express my ideas by combining graphic and surface designs. Using collaborative research methods, such as asking close friends’ and relatives’ children to draw a star shape, I developed my visual language.  I dream of motherhood and my aim was to create a bespoke collection of nursery interiors. I produced a contemporary cot bed cover as a backdrop to a delightful baby story. 

I have edited the stars, created by my young collaborators, and united them into zodiac constellations for my surface design collection. Inspired by the British designer and maker Louise Gardiner, I have included various sewing and embroidery techniques within the work. The pastel colours I have chosen are dictated by the pandemic environment and things that connect us most; such as nature and cleanliness that evoke a sense of calm and hygiene.  

By maintaining a visual composition for the target audience, I have created my brand identity logo. It is influenced by Susan Kare’s icon designs and based on the graphic design principles of balance, harmony and symmetry, and typography theory. The combination of a balanced logo mark and hand-written logotype reflects the mission of the brand – cosy moments of sleep. 

I invite the viewer to experience cheerful and positive feelings as the work is about unity, colours, shapes and variety.