Bethany Frost

The work produced is from two specialist areas; Special Effects and Photography. The techniques incorporated have been developed by experimenting with drawing, sculpture and Fine Art photography, to convey the concept and emotion of the character, an evil tribal huntress, and bring this to life in imagery.  I have always enjoyed both of my chosen specialisms having been interested in both photography and special effects since an early age. 

The images have been created in a forest, to represent a jungle, in which the subject has been transformed using special prosthetic make up effects. The portrayal of this huntress is digitally manipulated using Photoshop in both colour and black and white. I have created a series of cyanotype images; a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print, as these have a traditional feel with a faded look. I have been inspired by the artist Anna Atkins who created simplistic fauna cyanotype images and Zohaib Alam, a close friend who works as a professional photographer.  

The sculpture of the evil tribal huntress is represented using soft sculpting clay, which is baked in a conventional oven and then decorated using acrylic paints and lacquer. Inspiration has been taken from the American science fiction film Avatar (2009), produced by James Cameron. The overall final design is based on Native American tribes and cultural appearance. The texture board utilizes aspects of the sculpture and adds the details of my character design.  

This project has been immensely enjoyable and has increased my motivation to learn more about both photography and special effects.