Shannon Clancy

I have enjoyed photography since I was about 16. I love having my camera in my hand and I take it practically everywhere I go. Each picture that I take, has a piece of me in them. They are created to discover myself and to challenge myself. My end goal as a photographer is to be able to produce more than just pretty pictures, it is to take photos that allow me to express myself. 

I like to take photos that emphasize lines, textures and different patterns. I love landscape photographs, portrait photographs and taking photos of animals. 

I like experimenting with different equipment and settings. With photography, I like to put a unique view on what I am photographing and change or strengthen its natural beauty. 

I hope that people will be able to be inspired by viewing my site. I want my viewers to be able to say that my work is their biggest influence on their work. I hope that my work as a photographer communicates well with its viewers.