Samuel Domingos

A Day in the Life 

The theme of my project is a day in the life in a pandemic. For me it is essential as an artist to convey the inspiration and moment of creation of the work.  I have created a four-minute narrated documentary using my own voice to communicate the struggles I experienced during the pandemic.  

I am keen to challenge myself and learn more about film-making and graphic design as I intend setting up a production company that will be called DMS Productions. I have combined my specialist interest in Visual Communications and Media to explore video animation and motion graphics and to enhance my editing skills using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

For my initial logo drawings, I was inspired by graphic designers Milton Glaser, Rob Janeff and Paula Scher, their use of vibrant colours, and the simple but striking typography used in their posters, logos and designs.  

I have researched other aspects of film documentary and been inspired by filmmaker Shorif Suhel, particularly how he structures the narrative of his films. 

My project has been a personal story during the pandemic – my life is in the documentary. The film is a reflection of my experience and to me it feels peaceful, calm and serene.