Mia Halstead


 Fallen Fairies 

My project Fallen Fairies is based around differing interpretations of fairies throughout history, which I have brought together. I have produced a sculpture of a fairy’s head, which I have made from Cos Clay and Milliput. I have then used acrylic paint to add color to the final finished piece.  My final finished photographs are of the environment of where my fairy would live. I created my fairy character to present as a confident, chilling woman that likes to keep to herself. 

I have chosen Special Effects because I enjoy creating my own looks and putting a story behind them. I felt photography complimented this to support the narrative with images that have a true-to-life feel. I loved looking into the history behind mythical creatures and the different views towards them and how I could incorporate multiple different views and aspects into my one design and story. The color choices I made within this work are particularly effective, using the dark colour palette to portray the personality I wanted and working in the few bright colors to show the opposite side. 

During this project I was inspired by the history of fairies and movement images by the photographer Francesca Woodman. I took inspiration for my fairy from a few different artists’ work on display in Liverpool Walker Art Gallery – particularly the different depictions of angels. 

I took a lot of inspiration from the Tinkerbell movies for my Special Effects work, for things like the design of the wings and the different colours that the different fairies were and how differing personalities can be for the story behind my fairy.