Stanislav Sirbu


I adore capturing and recording the beautiful world around me; travelling to find the extraordinary.  I like to talk and write about the peculiar and mysterious experiences that I have encountered in my life. My project is called FACE because we have all faced these challenges or incidents.  I started to document these thoughts, feelings and experiences 12 years ago.  I have always enjoyed listening to knowledgeable people and I have used these small snippets of others and my own life experiences within my work. 

My specialist subjects are Media and Photography, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t do anything else with the same passion. The message throughout my chosen path and my project has been to demonstrate that we can do everything with a great enthusiasm without comparison or prejudice.  All ‘blacks & whites’ are just in our subconscious. 

I’ve been inspired mainly by Isha Sadhguru’s writing: ‘The most important thing in our life is the Life Itself! The only moment which you can live in this life is the present oneotherwise you just exist (Sadhguru, 2016).  I have always been seeking for something more, beyond the ordinary of the world around me. Sadhguru had an exceptional ability to motivate people in a simple way, on how to become more blissful and ultimately free from this temporary vessel that we call ‘My Body’. 

In my personal video essay I deliver a message related to my current experiences, sharing my thoughts that have been troubling me until now.  I have used Adobe Premiere Pro as a main tool to build my essay, and it represents a combination of video-recordings, photographs and music.  I have begun to understand that all the positives and negatives of my life are just life lessons, which make me wiser and improve my own perceptions.