Jenny Morrow

Living on the North coast of Antrim, a place well known for its natural beauty I have always had an appreciation for nature and being outdoors. The inclusion of nature in both my pieces links them. Though, in each piece it represents something different. The clay sculpture, painted with acrylic shows the bright colours in nature. Although, the plants in this sculpture are a plant creature which are taking over a human. This was inspired by a few characters from films such as Marvels Man-Thing and DC’s Poison Ivy. This creature represents thoughts, how they can take over and put strain on our mental health, like how in a garden plants can quickly start to overrun the garden if it is not maintained, again, similar to mental health if we do not look after ourselves our mind can quickly become overrun with thoughts. In the small collection of drawings/paintings plants are taking over buildings this shows the character of a place and when looking at both pieces of work you can compare how character can be seen differently in both people and places. The drawings are based on the Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia. I used pencil for these as I thought that the beauty of nature still stood out even without its bright colours being visible.