Elloise Walker

Zombies, dead corpses and animals inspired my special effects sculpture. Research into the history of Zombie folklore dates back to the 17th Century; the corporeal mythological undead, and the first film produced by Victor Halperin, The White Zombie, released in 1932, have been the main avenues of inspiration. 

Special Effect artists Greg Nicoter, Tom Savini and KNB EFX Group, produced the characters for the American Post-apocalyptic horror series.  Greg Nicotero produced a variety of prosthetics to achieve this. Tom Savini, actor and makeup artist on Dawn of the Dead (1978) achieves zombie makeup looks with a variety of prosthetic techniques. KNB EFX Group specialise in prosthetic makeup and practical effects.   

Inspiration taken from these artists has led to experimentation with new techniques, including sculpting to create a 3D form using additive and subtractive processes and the application of fine details with specialised and hand-made sculpting tools. 

Tartans, checks and ginghams inspired my textiles final project, too. Dating back to the 4th Century these patterns were indigenous to the Scottish Isles. 

Inspiration has been taken from artist Jane Bowler and Thomas Burberry. Jane Bowler is a mixed media artist who uses a variety of different materials to create a pattern. Angelina fibres, stitching, fabric manipulation, and found objects are used within her sampling process. Thomas Burberry was the founder of luxury brand Burberry; repeated patterns are used a lot in his work and are then transformed into beautiful clothing pieces.   

I have been inspired by these artists to use mixed media and then to transform this into a repeated surface pattern designs to create an interior collection, wall papers, lighting and soft furnishings.