Ola Bankole

I have created a fashion collection and brand identity incorporating the diamond as the focus for my logo.  I have combined my specialist skills in fashion photography and graphic design.  The diamond is well-known historically and culturally as a precious stone and is a symbol of luxury. In many cultures, the diamond represents something that has taken time to be carefully prepared from dirt to something beautiful by time and pressure. 

I have taken inspiration from Yinka Shonibare, and the brightly coloured patterns and colours of the Nigerian Ankara fabric he uses in his work. There are also some elements in my work inspired by the surrealist artist Man Ray and his innovative fashion photography of the early 20th century. 

I arranged and conducted fashion photoshoots at different locations and using the source photographs from my phone I experimented by editing the images back in the studio. 

The logo was first sketched on paper and then edited using Adobe Illustrator software. This logo has two basic elements: the diamond and the lettering O+B. The diamond consists of a series of diagonal lines, which show the many directions that my art takes, but still contained within one general dimension. The main colours used in the logo are white and black, which represents two opposite ends of the colour spectrum that my art comes in.  My brand identity is to represent something that has taken time to be carefully crafted into luxury, hence the brand name: O+B = Diamond. 

I hope that through my work, people will be able to start useful conversations about taking time to make a meaningful change in society and making the world a place of luxury for everyone.