Katie Smith


My work is a way of expressing my struggles with mental health and how it has deteriorated even further because of the Covid-19 pandemic – just like so many other people’s. I created a visual representation of this through PPE masks, which are being worn to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The PPE masks create a sense of solidarity between me and other people who are struggling with mental health as well as serve as a visual reminder that they are not alone. I worked with Cellotape and clingfilm to create my ‘material’, which represents my feelings of being suffocated from staying in lockdown, and a collection of semiotics that further express my emotions in these trying times. While working on this project, it allowed me to connect with my subconscious and show a more vulnerable side of me in a creative manner.


My work encapsulates the fascination I’ve had with mythology and fantasy since I was young, specifically Ancient Greek mythology. I wanted to challenge myself by creating a Harpy – half woman, half bird – with more of a modern twist. I’m fascinated by androgyny and different styles outside the traditional feminine norm, and wanted to represent that side of feminine beauty within my sculpture. I also incorporated elements of Harpy eagles, specifically the interesting shape created by large feathers at the back of the head, exaggerated brow bones and other features. By combining these two different pieces of inspiration, I was able to create my own twist on the Ancient Greek mythological creature.