Daniel Pereira


I am exploring the theme of loneliness, fear and uncertainty. 

As an artist I am interested in using a variety of media and techniques.  I have learned to convey a message and intend the viewer to feel a little of what led me to create the project. My project is animation and some paintings, so I have been experimenting with acrylics, water colours, oil pastels and charcoal, as well as Adobe software for animation and illustration. The paintings are both abstract and non-abstract, but I try to focus on what the colours tell me and make me feel.  As the name says, ‘Lonely?. ’My work is a bit bi-polar because loneliness can be very calm or agitated. 

The film Songbird (2020) made me think more about what it would be like to lose everything and everyone and that influenced my choice of theme.  On a visual level it was Paul Wright and his expressive brush strokes and the combination of colours even when using a limited colour palette.  I was also inspired by Eugene Raportoru because of his aggressive style and the emotions of fear and doubt his work provokes.  Dash Shaw was another influence because as well as using paintings as backgrounds he really enjoys the narrative, be it a banal or an alternative subject. 

Why I was working on this theme became clearer as time went on. It is a way to express my feelings and get it off my chest but also it is to grow.  It has made me think of all the times I should have been more present for the people I love as I realise I have taken that for granted, every conversation, moment and silence.  I am happy with my choices of fine art and visual communications; fine art because I love the processes – the feeling of meditation when I paint and draw is spectacular; and visual communications because illustration and animation are my dream and goal. 

I do not have a preferred method or technique; I have experimented with whatever process captivates me and most of the time I don’t end up with the same process or medium because I mix them. And that is what I enjoy the most, discovering all these different techniques. My work is for me and for all those who cannot see the ones they love and who feel the uncertainty and longing every day.