Razvan Etcu

Romania – The Other Life 

My 15-minute video aims to show potential visitors what Romania has to offer and how it has changed over the years.  I wanted to demonstrate the mix between both historical and contemporary cultural differences within Romania.  As a film maker, the visual aesthetic and audio appeal of any story is essential in keeping an audience engaged.  

I have developed the collection of videos, photos and stories by combining both moving and still photography to show my own representation of the people and country of Romania.  

The process for creating the video was very interesting as it was the first time I had made a video documentary. The first step of the project was write the narrative and plan out how to create my video.  Once I had prepared the text, I started to source found videos and music for the background. To complete my video, I use Premiere Pro for video editing, and edited source location photographs using Photoshop.  

I also chose to make a poster for my movie and a teaser video for promotion.  I am very satisfied with the result because I really love what I have created and I am proud to show everyone what Romania was, and will be, for me.