Elle Ward  


My piece is called karma as it fits in with the body character and identity brief, not only that, but it also shows people what we are doing to the environment. I have created a maquette alongside 2 sequential illustrations in the form of A3 comics. 

The concept of my creature is our effect on the ocean through pollution depicted onto a human while also being mutated by the sea. By showing the effects on a human I aim to sympathies with the audience on the severity of the problem. I have looked at work by David Attenborough and Mandy Barker to help further my knowledge on the effect pollution has on our oceans and add more details to my piece.  

I made my creature using cosclay, shells and milliput and I used different tools to get the desired detail of the different features. Changing my techniques and tools throughout making my piece shows that I have thought carefully about my desired effect and how I want to execute my work. Watering down acrylic paints allowed me to build up the colours and add shading to my creature naturally and keep the colours vibrant. I used contrasting colours of dull and vibrant shades to show life and death throughout my piece.  

The main problems I faced were with the coral falling off and the neck snapping. I originally didn’t have the octopus tentacles in my work but added these when the neck had snapped to fill the space and I reinforced the coral pieces. My target audience is aimed towards people who are willing to make the environment a better place for new generation of the future.