Olivia Bromilow 



My intention for this project was to present mental health and personal struggles in a fictional way, indirectly showing the dark parts of life and how you can be trapped and held down by mental health and those around us.  

I combined my specialist subject skills in SFX and Illustration to respond to the theme of Body, Identity and Character by creating a sculptured creature in clay and a large-scale digital illustration. I decided to name my creature YOU allowing the audience to imagine themselves in its position and how it relates to them individually, how it relates to YOU therefore widens my target audience to anyone who views the work.   

I have taken influence from my own personal experience and the experience of those around me and documented my findings from research and preparation in a sketchbook.  

I have also taken great inspiration from SFX artist Del Toro looking into his character design and incredible sketchbook work, Comic artists Jerry Robinson known for his work on the Batman Comics and Steve Ditko known for his work on Spiderman comics.  

I used mostly digital editing techniques for illustration, clay for the SFX sculpted piece and drawing for a lot of my research.  

My final illustration has been edited digitally and printed large-scale. It is displayed on a wall behind my sculpture which is presented on a plinth in front of it, to show they are part of the same story.  

My work has developed and changed a lot since the beginning of my project due to personal reasons which has enabled me to feel more connected to my work and the meaning behind it.