Lily Holmes 


 My concept for this project is an alien shape-shifting into a human. I’ve always had an interest in the process of shape-shifting, which is where a being changes into another shape or form, and the context of how it works in regards of how it works in regard to mythology, so this was a good opportunity to take my interest and include it in my specialist project. ‘Shape-shifter’ gives the viewer an insight into the project, which responds to the Body, Identity and Character theme. 

Included in my work is a sequential digital drawing printed on A1 paper, along with a maquette of the alien’s head I created supporting it. Using a range of processes and materials, including sculpting clay and tools, milliput, wood, primer, and acrylic paint to develop my SFX skills. The main influences for my alien were the movie Alien Vs Predator (2004, 2010) and the artwork Alien III (1978) by HR Giger. 

All of my research and drawings have been documented, to see how it has developed and reflected on my outcomes. I took photographs throughout the process of making my maquette and texture board, then recorded in my sketchbook with a step-by-step guide of the process and techniques to evaluate my progress. The maquette and texture board are displayed on a plinth which I have painted, with the A1 sequential drawing as a backdrop on a board I have also painted. 

What I love most about the project is the shape-shifting creative process and watching all of my original sketches come to life.