Leah Powell 


My theme and concept for this module of work was to tell the tale of the kraken by creating a maquette model and posters to support my model. The maquette I created is my interpretation of the kraken, my first initial idea was to create one poster and a zine to tell the story of the kraken, but over the first few weeks it made me realise I needed to rethink what I needed to do for my illustration as my zine was not going to show my strongest skills and wouldn’t be up to my best standard of work with the short amount of time we had to do everything so I decided to create 3 posters instead to support my maquette, I found this would be more successful.

The title of my work is ‘The Tale of the Kraken’, I chose this as I am very curious and interested in the ocean and mythology bestiary. My target audience for this project would be for the people who are interested in sea creatures and legends of the ocean. I would have hoped to see my work in a book or comic, as my work has a cartoon style. When producing my maquette I used various techniques and used different materials including clay, paint and gloss. I created my poster digitally using Procreate on my iPad and pencil. I did nearly all my research using movies and my own knowledge. When displaying my work I wanted my maquette to be on a stand with the landscape of one of my illustrations behind it with the other two above or beneath the landscape. I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot from it to take on my following years.