Danna Campoverde

My specialist project portfolio consists of a zine and a sculpture, the concept is a character who can visualize the Big Bang theory, how the world began, whilst under the influence of mind changing drugs.

Initially, to familiarize myself with zines I started to make them by using recycled paper and folding techniques. I produced  eight-page zines, and once I had the principal ideas, I began to draw these in my sketchbook journal. These were photocopied, so I could experiment with colour and mark. I began playing with pro markers and acrylic painting, and then began to manipulate images and drawings in photoshop.  

To make the sculpture I wanted assembly foam, using materials I had at home. First, I poured the foam on a carboard in a circular way so it can have an egg form, however the foam was expanding sideways, making a totally different shape. For this reason, before the foam was dry, I decided to spill it, in an inflated trash bag. Consequently, I made two to stick them together, however they had different sizes making it a problem until I realize the light would be enhanced through the spaces and light up the inside. I cut off the foam from inside and  painted it as a galaxy.