Jack Bailey



Since an early age I have always been fascinated with drawing characters and people. All of my work has deep roots of realism from human anatomy while keeping it stylistic. My aim is to challenge myself while I create artwork to make sure I am always improving and developing my skillset; from anatomy studies to figure drawing.   

The title of my work is Captured; this is a comic I will be designing further down the line. 

I have combined my specialist skills in Illustration and Graphic Design to explore the concept of character design in response to the theme of Body, Identity and Character.  I have created a set of character sheets to demonstrate the development and design of the characters I aim to create.  The characters I have designed will be in my comic with each of them being designed around different themes to give my characters more variety in design.  

My work is influenced by several artists mainly focused on character design and concept art. I take my biggest inspiration from Eiichiro Oda; a Manga artist, and particularly his character design and story. I also take inspiration from Majin Deng for his sharp and dynamic poses within his work. 

My choice of materials and medium is creating and developing illustrations from sketches digitally as working digitally allows me the precision and freedom on what I develop and create.  I chose this medium and size of work A3, specifically since this is the industry standard for this type of work. I created each of the four illustrations to test myself with this project and to bring forward the theme of identity within my work, displaying them as characters with a heavy sense of design.