Alisha Allen

The return of the evil siren is a particular piece of work which explores the underwater sea creature sirens and the unknown and secret side of the sirens which isn’t talked about in Greek mythology. To me being an artist is about pushing new boundaries, challenging my creative skills to become the best artist I know I can be and also is about capturing and show what or who has inspired my work.

My work consists of a painted clay sculpture portraying the possessed and evil side to the siren not only this I have also created an A4 sized zine showing where the siren lives and how evil by portraying through different body language. I have chosen to draw half for zine to show off my drawing skills have improved as well as creating a digital piece for the zine which is to show my digital drawing skills, using the different textures, different layers, opacity levels, brushes and brush sizes. Using different tools and techniques shows that I have thought into detail about how I am going to achieve my work and how I am going to execute it.

3 contemporary artists that have inspired and informed my finals project are Peter Paul Rubens, John Williamson, Gustave Moreau as well as an exhibition in Margate called sirens by Sophie Von Hellerman and Anne Ryan, these artists and exhibition are the main part of my inspiration as they studied Greek Mythology. My final design consists of lighting which I want I be dark to show the evilness of the character, also I wanted to capture the underwater feel by recording waves for the sound effect, by doing this the audience can imagine that they are there using their imagination.