Eloise Turnbull  


 Sleep Demon  

For my project of body, character and identity I focused on sleep paralysis which includes the body of the person experiencing this, the character development that occurs during and identity of the demon itself.  

I really enjoyed this project due to the freedom I had, I researched into type of dragons myths behind them, also the different demons, demonic activity and religious reasons behind demons. This allowed me to have a better understanding of how to carry out my project and have background knowledge.  

I used cos clay to create a human face with demon and dragon features for example demon horns, dragon eyes, curved cheek bones, forked tongue and a more human nose so there is still human and creature elements throughout the model, I used techniques of smoothing, carving and moulding of the clay. Milput was used for the teeth eyes and horns so it was more stable when baking which I did for 40 minutes.  

I decided to do sleep paralysis as my intinal idea as I find the concept interesting of your body being asleep so incapable of movement however your mind is awake, I did a more demonic approach so not everyone who has sleep paralysis experiences this on such a level.  

My model shows the demon itself but I wanted my illustration idea to be behind the clay model showing the sleep paralysis itself, both together create a story. 

For my illustration I have chosen to do one illustration that represents sleep paralysis , I did this on procreate and had a drawing of the demon Aswell as the girl having a nightmare