Daisy Hilton  


My project “The Beauty Through Her Eyes” is themed around what I find beautiful in my own
eyes and concepts of my life spoken through words and images of art. My art is fundamental
to me in a way of expressing my emotions, so much of a therapy through art. By showing
people you can show your struggling through a creation that comes to mind and realises

My work for this project is created through a stock motion video, these clips include
filming done by myself, voice recording of poetry I’ve wrote, vintage clips of my family and photo work done. I’ve also created a self portrait painting and Zine of photographs of vintage photos and photographs I have taken which have been digitally edited and painted.

What I want people to understand from my title “The Beauty Through Her Eyes” is that this art shows that even in the littlest things in life you can find beauty and happiness in them. For this piece I would like to target an audience of people who are struggling to see happiness in their lives and to show them that it can be found all around and to encourage them to look for it.

The reason for creating this piece in this way is because of my love for painting, and i
can express my creative ideas on a canvas. I have also created a short video with a voice over by myself reciting my own poetry. I’ve chose to do this because by using video and audio i can show things i can’t show on a canvas. I want to present my video using a projector in a low lighted room, with my painting displayed next to it with my zine sitting underneath on a plinth.