Sean Donaghy

I love illustrating and creating or enhancing work digitally. Being able to convey my ideas and thoughts is very enjoyable for me regardless of whether it’s through drawing some scenes of a comic or creating something digitally like a poster or animation because I get to creatively express myself in a way only, I can emphasise or display. Even though I am using a manner that other digital artists would use my work is still unique in the essence that it’s my own thought processes and how I display them is entirely my choice. My work is going to show the ideas of Body, Identity and Character and how they are shown under the theme of Depression.

By nature, I am a quite person, I don’t feel I stand out , I never have, and I never want to because that’s why I create art. My art speaks my mind at volumes I would never dare in person. With this project I have been able to convey the ideas of Body, Character and Identity through my work and having full confidence in myself and my work because I chose a theme based on personal experiences, so I truly felt like I can be in full control to create something digitally and physically that will emphasise my own ideals when it comes to the topic. This is why I chose to become an artist, the freedom to express yourself even with a set theme given.

For this particular project I chose to do a mixture of media, these being illustration and animation/ graphic work. I feel like these were the best options for me to show my work because it speaks towards my personality as an artist and conveys the subject of this project being Anxiety and Depression. The graphic and animation aspect refer well to my need to keep things as tidy as possible and yet with the illustration it gives me the sense of freedom to not follow any guidelines that a computer would set, so in general I feel like I get the best of both worlds with my practise.