Daniel Hardman

Football without Fans 

My project, Football without Fans focuses on the theme of fans in football and how one can’t exist without the other. The images focus on the fans and the effect of how football dies without them.   It is a realistic project with no over the top, sensational themes. The use of typography within the work is integral to the visual narrative of the photographs. 

One of my main influences for this project is photographer, Stuart Roy Clarke.  His project, The Game (2020), focuses on fans within football and the whole culture surrounding it. Another influence is poster artist Saul Bass and his unique use of typography. Each photo has been taken on my iPhone; they have all been slightly edited in Adobe Photoshop to make the images look as raw and as natural as possible, so the viewing experience is as candid as can be.  

Each poster contains text highlighting the importance of fans to the so-called ‘beautiful game’.  I chose typography that resembles that which is used in football related adverts, so the connection resonates with the subject matter, reminiscent of football posters without needing to read the text.  The colour green occurs within the visual language of these posters as that is the main colour of football; it also has connotations of money and greed – the very thing that I believe is ruining the sport. 

The thing I am really excited about this project is that it highlights the passion I have for fans and football and that I showcase this to you here. 


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