Megan Baines


My concept taking features of both a devil and a gnome. For photography I will be doing two typographies one of woods, rundown places and the other of abandoned and rundown streets and buildings . My project will be A sculpture and series of pictures. My project title is The demon of the gnome world. My work is based on fictional characters, they are the devil and engywook. My work will be a headsculpt made from clay and photographs of different places in Bolton. The mediums I have used for my project are sculpting, printing and photography. In my sculpture the main colour is a deep red, this is the skin tone of my character. Another colour that is prominent within my project is black, most of the details on my sculpture are black and in my photography work the images have been put in black and white. The images I took are of nature and buildings and I have edited them to look dark and gloomy to correspond with the connotations of demons. The influence of my work is movies and demon mythology. I was first interested in SFX makeup by watching movies and tv shows. The motivation for my work is that I enjoy taking my ideas drawing them and then turning them into something physical that people can enjoy.