Kholoud Sabouh

I am fascinated by rhythms of nature, colour, texture, pattern and layers in nature, particularly the vibrant colours of flora we find in the landscape.  I have created a series of mono prints on canvas overlaid with detailed hand embroidery. Hand embroidery is a slow process that allows me to work in detail as I build layers of colour and texture. 

I was inspired by Sam Owen-Hull and her abstract embroidered paintings; she is interested in the space between things in urban spaces.  She stitches into sections of her paintings to explore the balance between nature and man-made environments.  Different threads reflect light as she explores the relationship between ground and surface.  Louise Gardiner is another influence – she works with free machine embroidery and a vibrant colour palette, incorporating paint and appliqué to add texture to her work. She creates tactile objects and domestic fabrics and furnishings such as blankets, cushions, and clothes. 

Grant Haffner inspired my use of colour in the monoprints – he documents his travels by road, capturing the wide-open spaces of his local surroundings and familiar landscapes to create paintings in acrylic paint using a bold, vibrant palette. The monoprints on canvas fabric are stitched over using different embroidery techniques such as long and short stitch, leaf stitch, back stitch and woven wheel stitch.